About the Artist

Biography of  Vincent Keele

“Art has always been in my life in some form or another, it’s my little Go To Place that always made me feel wonderful inside. For me, I had two deep desires, artwork and entrepreneurism.” -Vincent Keele


Vincent tells us that most artists are very right brain and entrepreneurs are very left brain. The fun part is to learn to tap into the left side and become a great businessperson say like: Magic Johnson and still keep the right side firing with super creativity. Vincent’s traditional art education from Platt College is in Graphic Art and Drafting. However thanks to having a complete course of books from the Art Institute belonging to his mother (Mary M. Scott) when she was a student, he was able to learn how to see and produce art in a wide variety of new methods. These books are special because they are from the 60’s and art as a whole is not taught that way anymore.

Vincent is a true self-taught artist that has worked within several fine art mediums, but finds most of his joy in working with oils. In the past Pen & Ink held a special place in his heart due to the complex beauty that can be achieved. Also as a person that likes a good challenge, Pen & Ink was and remains to be the most challenging and allows for zero mistakes. He tells us, “all artist should learn Pen & Ink using Technical Pens and Illustration board because it helps you learn hand pressure, steadiness, and a conscious mind to cleanliness.”

Becoming the Artist

Vincent is from Los Angeles, California where he lived and was born and later relocated to Lake Stevens, Washington in 2000. He has had the pleasure of being mentored by some great artists in the fields of airbrushing, gold and silver leafing, calligraphy, realism and painting along side his late mother Mary M. Scott. “it was like living with an Academic Art Professor.” Whenever he would get stuck and had no idea why you need a Gesture when it could be done without one, she was right there to help him understand the lesson from her own lessons and what book and professor were trying to convey.

Being a big fan of the Ross Style… he was very exited to have the opportunity to go and be trained at the Bob Ross Art Studio and Gallery in New Smyrna Beach, Florida where he learned the Bob Ross style of painting and created four paintings. Once back home he enter the paintings in some local contest where he won 1st Place on one and an Award of Excellence on the other. 

The New Adventure In Paint

As he returned to creating artwork he realized, a more realist style was once again calling his name. Turning his studies to old masters, he studied William (JMW) Turner’s style of light and color volume, Michelangelo Caravaggio’s dynamic contrast of light and dark, and The Hudson River School painters  Albert Bierstadt and Robert S. Duncanson to truly understand how to use aerial and linear perspective. Kerry Marshall and Charles White philosophies help keep all the works loose and out of the box, while people like Henry Ossawa Tanner’s passion help bring a voice and meaning to the work.

Incorporating the Baroque Style

“When I create a painting I want to create environment that draws upon deep emotions, fills the soul and places the viewer in the painting. Designing painting using the Baroque style allows me to create wonderful interest and grandeur that I feel you can’t get with classical design.” -Vincent Keele

Now after eight years of cultivating and growing his skincare company, Vincent has returned to fine art and brings with him a fresh new energy and passion for his art. Infusing techniques from the art masters current, modern and old, he hopes to inspire and delight the people of Seattle and abroad with his new style of art. This body of work he plans on working on the rest of his life bring back to life special people who history has misplaced or changed for whatever reason within the African American Culture and his own family heritage.

 He is currently working on a series of paintings for a full showing later this year. 

 The Biography of  Vincent Keele