Artist Statement

Artist Statement

When starting a new painting I always start with learning, learning about who are what I have in mind. I want to connect with the subject first and understand who or what

that thing is all about, get in deep!!! Really see why I’m attracted to the person or place. For the most part, I want the viewer to see themselves or people they know in the paintings, it all about the connection and bring out emotions.

This kind of connection allows the viewers to travel deep into the painting and unravel the storyline. With a solid connection to the painting, the viewer has the framework to formulate their own story. I have found that in order to accomplish this, I must rely on visionary thinking as well as painting techniques from the modern and old masters.

It’s necessary to blend art styles to get the effect I want, I employ styles like:

Impressionism: To give a sense of environment and familiarity.

Realism: To bring the character(s) to life and build a stronger bond with the viewer.

Dramatic Color or Cubism: To invite and delight the viewer as well as add interest and boldness to the painting.

My work is about retelling history, bring back special people and places that have been misplaced, forgotten or facts we just don’t know. I’m creating these people and places in a new arrangement never before seen. As an artist, I feel it is both exciting and profound!

I am very inspired to create this bodywork because far too often all we see are copies of a particular narrative done over and over, and my plan is to create new ones. I believe… the only challenges I face are getting the colossal amount of narratives out of my head and on the canvas.

This is a fresh approach to creating fine art; the use of color, blended styles and new narrative arrangements gives this body of work a feel like no other.


“No artist should live in the box and when you let the brush and canvas dance their dancing results are magnificent!” –Vincent Keele



Artist Statement – Vincent Keele Fine Art Gallery

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