Afro Vibes

Afro Vibes Painting

Afro Vibes Oil Painting Black Art on Canvas


Afro Vibes is the first painting of my daughter Kyarra Keele, painted as an inspiration to the will of the young mind and what it can achieve when focus and drive are activated. You see, Kyarra is a successful young author, who had a goal of writing her first book by the age of twelve titled Cupcake Magic. She has written over 5 more since that time. Although she has written many more books about personal development since the writing of the first book, it’s her love of the Afro and her inner love for herself that compelled me to paint her. The Afro lives… and you can see in her Afro moods, that I call Afro Vibes. When she is happy and excited the Afro is big and free, when she is a little down or worried about a big test at school, the Afro is flying at half staff or when she is tied the Afro is small and resting. It’s always fun to watch as she grabs and draws power from the Afro when she does not know something and needs to make complex decisions. She has embraced her self though her natural hair in the form of an Afro. She become like the biblical Samson… strong and mighty.     

Vincent Keele Fine Art Studio

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Product Description:

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: Summer 2015

Unframed Size: 18 x 24 – The Painting is Ready to be Hung

Canvas Edges: Signature Orange Gallery Wrapped

Canvas Type: Cotton

Documentation: Archivable Certificate of Authenticity

Signature: Signed on Front in Lower Left Corner, Orange Finger Print, Title, Date, and Signature on the Back of the Canvas that matches Certificate of Authenticity

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