Artist Statement

Artist Statement


My work is about retelling history, bringing back special people and places that have been misplaced, forgotten or unknown. These paintings are portals that create metaphysical realms where every thought and action is balanced by its counterpart. Within this infinite expanse, I’ve created a harmonious space where cognitive thought, directed energy and the immeasurable meet analytical thinking.

Each artwork is brought to life through bold delightful flowing lines with luminous color. Becoming one with the fractal allows me to transcend the 2D space where I can expand, retract and exist. Once connected with thought and energy I begin to harness the feeling. My actions of applying acrylic paint create energy around me as I shift and circle the canvas rhythmically.

Bringing to visual life the internal fight and harmony of Yin and Yang.

I am interested in awakening cognitive thought, harnessing creative energy and to research the limits of universal thinking.



“No artist should live in the box and when you let the brush and canvas dance their dancing results are magnificent!” –Vincent Keele

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