Keele Motivational Quotes

“What you don’t know hurts you the most!” -Vincent Keele

“Even a blank canvas wants to be more, it hopes to inspire, bring meaning, sadness, joy and empowerment into your home! It strives for greatness.” -Vincent Keele

“Death is not the permanent and it can be over come, I say to you… no one is dead if there is but one person that will hold their essence in their heart. I remember YOU… and you may live in my heart forever and together we will shine on the world for evermore!” -Vincent Keele

“Art has always been in my life in some form or another, it’s my little Go To Place that always made me feel wonderful inside. For me, I had two deep desires, artwork and entrepreneurism.” -Vincent Keele

“Self Mastery is when you KNOW a thing, without any evidence, supporters or accomplishment to backup your belief.”-Vincent Keele

“If you want to squat more and build bigger legs. Train your glutes and make them bigger and stronger.” -Vincent Keele

“To Improve Is To Change, To Prefect Is To Change Offend.” -Vincent Keele

“Squat like you mean it, Squat and they will love it, Squat and be unforgettable.” -Vincent Keele

“No artist should live in the box and when you let the brush and canvas dance, their dancing results are magnificent!” -Vincent Keele

“Only a habit can subdue a habit, so form good habits and great things will happen.”-Vincent Keele

“Never miss a moment to win big!” -Vincent Keele

“Knowledge is the greatest power you can possess, what are you reading?” –Vincent Keele

“I will persist until I succeed” –Vincent Keele

“Thew the education and products we have created, Michele and I have been able to help so many people understand their body and skin and how it relates to their health. The joy you get from helping a cancer patient that say thank you for all you do is so powerful. We show people they have options and choices to skin issues, pain, and health.”

“If you want natural products that are safe for you and your loved one, reading labels is crucial. Refuse to settle for harmful and deadly toxic based skincare products” -Vincent Keele



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