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Do You Sell Original Art?

YES – If there is a specific painting you are interested in, you can contact me directly to inquire about the availability of that painting. To inquire: Click Here


What is a S/N Limited Edition Print?

A Limited Edition is an edition of identical prints numbered sequentially and individually signed by the artist, having a stated limit to the number in the edition. Our edition sizes can vary dramatically, normally ranging from 750 to 1150. A limited edition print is produced using museum quality inks and pH neutral (acid-free) paper to preserve the life of the print and to prevent discoloration. All limited edition prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

What is an Artist’s Proof or AP?

Artist’s Proofs are a special subset of the regular limited edition, traditionally totaling about 10% of the regular edition. Although they are virtually identical to the regular edition, An Artist’s proofs have a perceived higher value in the market place due to their limited supply and availability. The Artist’s proof edition is signified with “Artist Proof” or “AP” in front of the number (AP 1/50). All Artist’s Proofs have Mr.Keele’s signature in the lower left hand corner. Because of their smaller editions, Artist’s Proofs are more rare and therefore, higher priced.


What is a Canvas Giclée?

A canvas Giclée (pronounced zhee-CLAY) is an individually produced, high-resolution, high- fidelity reproduction done on a special large format printer. Giclée, is a French term meaning spray of ink is produced from digital scans of the original artwork. A fine stream of ink, more than four million droplets per second, is sprayed onto a specially treated canvas. Our canvas Giclées come stretched, ready for framing and need no glass in front of the image to protect them and produced on acid free, pH balanced archival canvas.  Each Giclée is hand-signed by Mr. Keele and includes a “Certificate of Authenticity.” The Giclée is typically larger in size than the limited edition print and slightly smaller than the original painting. The editions vary between 50 and 150 Giclées.


How to Care for Your Canvas Giclée Print?

Your fine art giclée reproduction is beautiful and delicate and should be handled with the same extreme care that you would give an original painting.

The Giclée has been produced using superior printing technologies and premium quality materials. Treat this investment as you would any piece of fine art. To ensure that your Giclée maintains its presentation quality for years of enjoyment, please adhere to the following recommendations when handling and displaying:

  • Canvas Giclée may be gently dusted using a soft, clean dry cloth.
  • Do not apply any additional coatings
  • Use a professional framer who has experience stretching and framing giclée canvases.
  • Do not use glass when framing. The giclée needs to breathe.
  • Do not spray the back of the canvas with water or any other liquids.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Room climate should be controlled to avoid excessive stretching or shrinkage. A consistent environment with temperatures within the 60 to 85 degrees and relative humidity of 30 – 55% is recommended.


What a Masterpiece Collection?

The Masterpiece Collection is an extraordinary collection of Vincent Keele’s most treasured pieces selected by the Mr. Keele himself. The Masterpiece Collection will be available soon.

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