Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center Exhibit

Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center Exhibit

I just returned from Wilberforce, Ohio where my art is being featured at the Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center, and well, I won’t sugar coat it. I met some super cool people, won an award and had a wonderful time sharing my art with the people of Ohio.

  This painting: Mamma Who Is That… that Museum Director Wash and I are standing in front of, shows how our elders used everyday things to past on education to the youth. In a lot of families, it is the grandmother that ends up nurturing the youth. Our little high fashion granny is taking her son to the museum to teach about former slave Peter Gordon. He was the first person to show the atrocities and brutality of the South to the north after he escaped from a plantation in Mississippi in the mid-1800s. Instead of going to sit and hide he chose to do his part to fight for freedom and justice for others. He helped free many slaves, educated aristocratic and political people alike on the horrible treatments of abducted prisoners on the plantation. 

The Art of Soul exhibition will be running till March 2020.

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I want to spread smiles by interrupting stressful days and bad moods with continuous, uplifting, colorful imagery. I invite the viewer into the painting to learn how and why the artwork was created.

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