Journey Into Africa

Journey Into Africa

Journey Into Africa

The Thomas Collection is a journey into African culture and presented with an American artistic heritage view. I was moved to create the this body of work from the deep conversations with African historian Mr. Thomas. The talks I had with him about historical artifacts made a profound imprint on me and thrust me into creation mode. Africa is a big topic with a lot of parts and I quickly found that I needed to reach out to different people and parts of Africa to widen my scope.

I must say, I have never been moved as much about African art as when I learned about different part of the country that was new to me.

This body of work is representational and my vision of some the documents, artifacts, and conversions that I was introduced to. After many days in the studio, a rich vibrant collection of masks were created and Thomas Collection us assembled. These masks are not intended to represent a particular people but the culture from country to country.

Let you’re heart and mind be excited as you embrace the richness of Africa in America.

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I want to spread smiles by interrupting stressful days and bad moods with continuous, uplifting, colorful imagery. I invite the viewer into the painting to learn how and why the artwork was created.

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