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Artist Vincent Keele Featured at Onyx Fine Art Gallery

Artist Vincent Keele Featured at Onyx Fine Art Gallery

Afro Vibes Oil Painting Black Art on Canvas

Vincent Keele is currently the featured artist at the Onyx Gallery in Belltown, Seattle. Make sure to drop in and see his wonderful artwork.

How Vincent thinks about the art he creates:

“When starting a new painting I always start with learning. Learning about who and what I have in mind. I want to connect with the subject first and understand who or what that thing is all about, get in deep!!! I really want to see why I’m attracted to the person or place. For the most part, I want the viewer to see themselves or people they know in the paintings. It’s all about the connection and bringing out emotions through the use of what I call Dramatic Emotionalism. This kind of connection allows the viewers to go deep into the painting and want to know the story of that person or that place and in some cases, provide the frame work for them to formulate their own story.” -Vincent Keele

See more of  Vincent Keele’s paintings at: Vincent Keele Fine Art