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Armstrong Painting

This painting has been in the works for quite some time in my mind, portraying the ambassador of jazz, Mr. Louis Armstrong. My goal for this painting was to depict Satchmo, aka Louis Armstrong, in the familiar role of leading the show. Dressing him in a very flashy green suit and red tie, I feel helps to showcase his grand personality and stage presence. From an artistic point of view, it was such a joy to focus on the little details of the blue piping and stitching on his lapel, tie, and other areas. I added blue accents to enhance the overall composition. This painting offers many points of interest. Behind Armstrong, I aimed to capture the essence of jazz by highlighting some of the most famous and beloved jazz players to ever grace the music scene. This painting invites you to sit down and enjoy its liveliness, immersing yourself in Louis Armstrong's world of jazz. Creating this painting on acrylic glass gives it a luxurious, contemporary look with very clean lines, and the appearance of the artwork floating on the wall. If you're a jazz lover, this one's for you.

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