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Buddy Guy Gicleé Print

Artwork Description

Prints are created from the original painting: Buddy Guy –  30″ x 30″ acrylic on acrylic glass and is part of my Real Folks Blues Collection series.

  • All prints are Gicleé pigment quality and printed on archival materials
  • Official label from the studio
  • Prints come rolled in a tube and we ship to most places

About The Artwork

Buddy Guy Painting

In crafting this painting, I wanted to capture the dynamic essence of Buddy Guy’s blues.  A musical master with a playful and fiery stage presence. Drawing inspiration from the electrifying energy of his live performances and having listened for years, I translated his lively playful persona into the art. 

I adorned Buddy with his classic polka dots on his shirt and throughout the background, I aimed to convey the whimsical charm he brings to his music. The inclusion of a classic Godfather hat adds a touch of timeless coolness, reflecting the seriousness with which he approaches his craft. 

In blending playful elements throughout the artwork, I added both sides of Buddy's character, the entertainer that cracks jokes on stage and the master guitarist. I chose a neutral palette, reminiscent of his country lifestyles that allows the viewer to focus on the bluesy notes and intricate riffs.

I introduced a splash of green for contrast, mirroring the vibrant energy of his blues music. Listening to his music, I envisioned this composition as the most authentic representation of Buddy Guy's vibrant personality and iconic style,  a visual symphony that echoes the soul of his legendary blues music.

Thank You for viewing my artwork!

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