My Story

Artist Vincent Keele

I am a second generation expressionist painter living and working in Washington with a focus on creating paintings that embody movement, energy, and luminous light.

My work puts cognitive thinking in the foreground, letting the viewer discover things along the way. I paint each artwork with a mix of expressionism and abstraction, with bold, colorful flowing lines.

I have found that art is a binder; it brings people together in thoughts, feelings and expressions. By retelling history, bringing back special people and places that have been misplaced, overwritten or forgotten.

It keeps our history alive and jump starts curiosity in the mind to learn more. These types of conversations provide non-invasive ways to discuss everything about the painted subject and bring social consciousness to all.

I use art as away to awaken cognitive thought, harness creative energy and to research the limits of universal thinking.


About My Signature Orange Edges:

Keele Artwork

My orange edges pay homage to the artist of the renaissance era and the romantic painter Joseph Mallord Turner (J.M.W) who said, every painting should have a touch of red to make it complete. I found the color Vermilion to be the perfect mix of orange that I love, and red that Mr. Turner felt was needed in a painting to call it finished. The orange edges are an identifying trait that signifies this is an original artwork, and the warm tone complements the body of the painting design. You can expect to find my signature orange edges on every original painting that I create. 

Keele Original Painting