Vincent Keele (b. 1970-)

Artist Vincent Keele

 As a curator, Vincent Keele organizes exhibitions such as Predators and Women, The Black Panther Art and Fashion Show, An Evening with Kathleen Cleaver and Abstracted View. His own work has evolved to expressionism, primarily in acrylic on canvas.

Keele was born in Los Angeles, California. His passion for art began very early. His mother, Mary M. Scott, an alumni of the Art Institute of Chicago passed on to him her complete course of books. With these materials, he learned to see and produce art in a wide variety of methods.

Keele benefitted from great mentors along the way. He is a self taught artist with traditional education from Platt College where he  studied Graphic Arts and Drafting.

Before his love of acrylic paint, the complexity of pen and ink held a special place in his heart.