Vincent Keele Photo


Washington-based multidisciplinary artist Vincent Keele employs bold color, rhythm, and texture to create a sense of movement across a range of abstract expressionist and symbolic figurative works. Keele’s work retells the rich history of African Americans, bringing back phenomenal people and places that have been misplaced, forgotten or unknown. He uses various techniques, from traditional to contemporary, to portray his visual narratives.

Keele was born in Los Angeles, California where his passion for art began very early. His first influences of art came from a complete course of art books passed on to him by his mother, artist Mary M. Scott, an alumnus of the Art Institute of Chicago. With these materials, he learned to see and produce art in a wide variety of methods. 

Keele is a self-taught artist whose work is underpinned by meticulous compositional planning and a deep appreciation for art history. His attention to these historical and artistic influences manifest at every level of his work. African American experiences are essential in the creation of Keele’s bold paintings and you can find diverse motifs from all around the African continent. Keele’s work has been showcased in numerous countries around the world and featured on Fox TV.

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