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About the Artwork

When I first took on the Hope painting project, my mind was filled with thoughts of how to convey the power of art to these young people. I aimed to define this piece in a way that would empower them, encourage creative thinking, and foster self-belief. After coming up with the prompt about Hope and its significance to them, I set out to build a narrative around it using my classic Adrinka symbols. I selected the Adinkra symbols for Hope and Perseverance and incorporated Tenacity in a calligraphy-style kanji. Lastly, I included a white dove to symbolize Faith at the center of the canvas. With the word "Hope" prominently displayed at the center, I arranged the other symbols in a semi-arch around it.

The placement of these symbols was crucial because it allows the viewer to interpret the canvas from any direction. One possible interpretation could be: "As we fill our minds with thoughts of hope, we gather the courage to persevere over the obstacles that obstruct our path. With unwavering tenacity, we discover our faith. Hope remains at the center, regardless of the direction we take. So use your tenacity to persevere through whatever challenges come your way, have faith, and hope for more."

Creating this painting brought me immense joy. I managed to involve everyone, from shy young people to personnel and judges. For a brief period, we were all on the same page, and that page was hope. The Schack Arts Center graciously displayed the artwork in a prominent area, and it has received a warm reception within the community. Art holds tremendous significance; it has the power to transform lives and soothe restless souls. I can only say that art is life, and life is art.

My time at the Denny Juvenile Justice Center, despite the circumstances, was a rewarding experience. I found the young people eager to learn and communicate. I firmly believe that with more programs and opportunities for them to learn, substantial changes can occur in their lives.

Thank you for your invaluable support!

Key Features:

Fine Art Giclée Print

100% Archival

Easily showcase your artwork.

Artist Designed: created by renowned international contemporary artist, Vincent Keele.

Matte Finish Coating: Minimizes glare while adding an elegant touch.

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