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Hunter's Blues Gicleé Print

Artwork Description

Prints are created from the original painting: Hunter Blues –  24″ x 30″ acrylic on acrylic glass and is part of my Real Folks Blues Collection series.

  • All prints are Gicleé pigment quality and printed on archival materials
  • Official label from the studio
  • Prints come rolled in a tube and we ship to most places

About The Artwork

Hunter's Blues Painting

As an artist who frequently paints jazz and blues masters, I occasionally encounter a musician so deserving of recognition, they become impossible to ignore. Ben Hunter is one such artist.

Having the pleasure of knowing and listening to Ben firsthand, I can say his music and violin playing are truly magical. My own artistic connection leans towards the violin, and while I aspire to play it someday, for now, I find immense joy in listening to masters like Ben.

Ben's artistry is truly remarkable, and I highly recommend experiencing his modern mastery of the violin.

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