Vincent Keele Fine Art





Medium: Acrylic Paint on Stretched Cotton Canvas


48" H x 36" W x .1.5" D 

Artwork Description

• Acrylic Painting
• On Canvas
• Painting Signed In Lower Left Front And Also On The Lower Left Back
• A signed Certificate of Authenticity from my studio will be included with this painting and all the materials that were used to complete it.
• The Finish: Gloss Archival Varnish with UV Protection
• Edges: The orange edges are an identifying trait that signifies this is an original artwork of mine, and the warm tone complements the body of the painting design. You can expect to find my signature orange edges on every original painting that I create.

About The Artwork

Stolen Innocence

Momma Who's That demonstrates how our elders used everyday things to past education to young people. In a lot of families, it is the grandmother that ends up nurturing our youth. Our high fashion granny is taking her son to the museum to teach about former slave Peter Gordon. He was the first person to show the atrocities and brutality of the South to the north after he escaped from a plantation in Mississippi in the mid 1800s. Instead of going to sit and hide, he did his part to fight for freedom and justice for others. He helped free many slaves, educated aristocratic and political people alike on the horrible treatments of abducted prisoners on the plantations.

With so much of our history lost and replaced. Shedding light on one of our lost heroes is of the utmost importance, not only for the people of today but our kids tomorrow.

This painting endeavors to plant a seed in the mind of those who long to know more about their history and the people that fought so hard to get us a bit of equality. Peter Gordon faced adversity and paid the way in flesh for so many of us to have the freedoms and liberties we have today. With this bold act of showing his mangled flesh to people that had no understanding of the atrocities southern merchants used to swindle a formidable place in the trade market. The southern capitalization of slaves stacked the deck against their competitors in the north for years. When Mr. Gordon showed his back, he shed light on the internal day-to-day practices of these cruel plantation owners and gave insight to their vicious capitalistic business practices.
I want this painting to serve as a testament that empowers the viewer to know that you have a voice, and you can make a difference. A visual record that shows that even in bondage, we fought. If we all continue to ask the question: Mamma Who’s That, we will continue to fill in all our gaps in history.

Thank You for viewing my artwork!

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