Artist at Work - Vincent Keele Creates Hendrix Monterey Guitar Painting

Vincent Keele Creates Hendrix Monterey Guitar Painting

Finding the inspiration to create new artworks can come from anywhere in my case, it came from a previous artwork I did a few years ago and listening to 12-String Blues by Jimi Hendrix. 

As I sit and listen to him pluck that 12 string guitar I can feel the rhythm of the notes as paint strokes.  Originally I did not intend to create it all new painting, just a second version of the painting old man rhythm. But things don’t always work out the way you envisioned with art. So I found myself moved to take some elements from that original work old man rhythm and expand on it.

I want to give this painting a sense of energy and movement from the music and a cultural base from my heritage.

The overall sense of the painting that I wanted to give is an experienced guitar player sitting out on the street playing his heart out in front of a beautiful backdrop. 

I added in indigenous African markings in the background from Congo and some fashion Burberry shorts.

In this painting the shirt is one of the focal points and I wanted to give it a very distinct design with roots from Cameroon.

This was not a long painting to create because I knew all the elements I would incorporate into it. 

Because I’ve done one on canvas, I decided this one will be on cold press Strathmore paper in acrylics.

Designing the Hendrix guitar

One thing I wanted to change was the Hendrix blue Fender guitar. I set out to do some research on all the famous Hendrix guitars, and the one that stood out to most to me was the white Monterey guitar. I need the guitar that would be in harmony with what the colors of the painting and mostly the beautiful shirt I created. Hendrix Monterey white guitar was perfect for this what is soft tones of white and decorative artwork.

Armed with everything I needed over the next three days with no rush or deadlines. I created the Hendrix Monterey white guitar painting.


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