The Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair

The Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair

A few of my artworks will be on display at Onyx Gallery as we join 47 other Washington art galleries for The Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair. They formed this art fair in response to Vulcans decision to cancel the Seattle Art Fair.

Gallery Onyx Art Show Seattle

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the necessary decision to cancel the 2020 Seattle Art Fair, which was scheduled to take place July 23-26,” -Vulcan, Inc.

The Seattle Art Fair is a major exhibition that has gathered galleries from all over the world into CenturyLink event space each summer since 2015. The fair draws between 15,000 and 22,500 people each year to the city which can make a good few days for local businesses.

As the COVID-19 runs wild, I think many galleries had hoped the tech giant would have some kind of modified art fair and help the devastated art market and local businesses. According to Yelp, 4,500 businesses in Seattle have been forced to close down temporarily or permanently since March first during the stay-at-home order.

Greg Kucera of Greg Kucera Gallery, one of the elder downtown galleries was outraged with Vulcan’s lack of help and involvement and many others share the same outrage. So with other blue chip galleries and gallery leaders; Frederick Holmes and Company, Foster & White, James Harris Gallery, Gallery Onyx, Smith & Vallee Gallery, G. Gibson Projects, Wa Na Wari, Rinehart Gallery and more. Decided to create a DIY style art fair across Washington, called The Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair. The idea is simple, each gallery announces their own decentralized fair with each gallery hosting its own exhibition, in their own space for the month of August, and put together some group marketing and let the people enjoy the show.

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Personally, I find it odd that a tech giant like Vulcan could not find a way to bring the show to the people in a safe way or take it online, as so many others have done. Some galleries owner’s that I have spoke with have said, the art fair may die off because of its lack of the primary draw Paul Allen. In 2019 some of the biggest names like David Zwirner, Gagosian, and Pace did not show up for the fair which made room for smaller deserving galleries to get in.

“It’s $10,000 minimum to participate, for the smallest booth,” - Rinehart

“On the upside, it also means more chances for local dealers to rise to the top. Without those galleries, a different hierarchical order appears.” - Kucera

In speaking with Ashby Reed, Vice President at Gallery Onyx, he stated that Onyx will take part in the art fair and we plan on showing great art. I have attended many art fairs and there is good and bad to all of them. I don’t know the future of the Seattle Art Fair, but with all the stuff going on, people need art more than ever and the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair will be great for that. The show will run all across Washington State threw the month of August. These are in person exhibitions with some online. So for those of you that want to get out of the house, grab your mask and pick a gallery or two and come see some fantastic artist and artworks.

Seattle Art Fair with Vincent Keele

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 The Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair

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