Gregory Hines Dancing With Style

Gregory Hines Dancing With Style

Gregory Hines was one of the great tap dancers to take to the stage. Tapping his way in the hearts and minds of thousands as they watched him on TV. Most great men had an idol when they were growing up. The charismatic Sammy Davis Jr. was his, delighting fans with his singing, dancing and movie presents. Inspiring many African-American youths like Gregory Hines to stride for greatness. As part of the rat pack, Sammy Davis Jr. was on center stage singing with Frank Sinatra and James Martin and many other giants of the time.

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While creating this artwork, I’m wanted to address the emotion Mr. Hines felt when his idol Sammy Davis Jr. acknowledged him with a pair of his very own tap dancing shoes. Every time I watched Gregory Hines performed,  you could find him well dressed. So I wanted to make sure the painting presented him at this best. After looking at several Bespoke Suits and high fashion brands, I decided on a vintage Gianni Versace shirt. The intricate detail and patterns made it ideal for giving Hines that movie star persona. Finally, I adorned the room walls with some cultural markings and accessorized his outfit with vintage Versace gold frame glasses.

Gregory Hines Painting

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Gregory Hines Dancing With Style 

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