How I Created Love Jones From a Single Mark

How a Single Mark Became My New Painting Love Jones

Sometimes when I create, I start with a random mark and build from there. The beauty of this painting and that first mark is that it has no restrictions on where we were going. I knew I wanted to make this painting more on the design or illustration side as I would make it into some of my merch for the online gallery. But other than that, it was free to take me where ever it wanted to go as long as it had punch and boldness.

As I worked with the green tones, it was almost automatic to add some dancing red. As you look deep into the background, you can see all the hand-drawn patterns and tones. lessoning to Coltrane’s mesmerizing horn definitely took me somewhere, and I’m sure I worked on this part longer than I needed to, but it was working and felt good.

It’s the environment that sets the tone of the colors. Often I work in the middle of the night with very low background light to keep the light color influence off the artwork and to keep me focused. I have the main light color as close to the sun as I can get. With the light shining an x pattern over the artwork. This really helps mimic a plain air (outdoors) painting environment.

Love Jones Painting

Working the major parts of the design can be tricky. Because it’s going on various merch types, it’s important to make the design have a right side and left side, plus a dominant center. At every point, the artwork must have an ability to flow around a circle, like a cup, and be flexible enough when distorted, like wearing a fitted shirt. I made this artwork very adaptable for large and small art products and to have a taper to help hide any seams that may come from the various substrate types.

Love Jones is an original painting on unstretched canvas with a size of 22X30 inches.

  Love Jones Art MugLove Jones Artist Shirt Love Jones Art Pillow

Love Jones, I think I called it that because the cultural indigenous markings were coming along so well that I needed to add a symbol of love in the form of some hearts. That was a perfect idea, and a big enhancement to the overall design. This was one of those paintings that took me deep into the creative process and let’s not forget that beautiful jazz music playing in the background. Anyway, I wanted to share a happy moment with you and tell a little about this artwork and the fun of painting it. You can find Love Jones products like face masks, journals, hoodies, and more in my online gallery.... check it out, be safe, talk soon.

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