Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair II

Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair II

Once again local art galleries have come together to present the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair II. This large collaboration of galleries came together originally in 2019 in response to the Seattle Art Fair being canceled. For the second year now, Vulcan has not scheduled the Seattle Art Fair for this year and the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair ( is taking full charge of presenting some of the best emerging and veteran artists in the Pacific Northwest. 

The exhibition features online and in-person gallery exhibitions and events hosted by 40 galleries across the city and state. The fair will celebrate visual arts for the entire month of August. Each art gallery, non-profit center, and art institution will have different exhibition dates and times throughout the month. Some galleries are continuing to implement strong COVID-19 procedures. So, It’s a good idea to plan out where you want to go and check the gallery’s event schedule.

The People's Voice

Many people welcome this new style of art fair instead of the classic central warehouse model. Where many of the local galleries were priced out of the art fair because of jury panels and costly booth fees. With COVID-19 restrictions finally lifted in Seattle, the art market is ready for people to come out to view and experience all the new artworks.

As an artist, I am very excited to interact with people in person again. I am delighted to once again sit down with some of my favorite gallerists and explore works and art history. There are so many new artsy places and artists that have emerged in this post-pandemic to learn about. Seattle has gone through a lot over the last couple of months dealing with COVID-19, racial injustice, political problems, loss of businesses and loved ones.

Where Are The Black Art Galleries

Some people have stated that Black Art is hard to find in Seattle. African-American Art is easy to find if you know where to look. Throughout this article, I will give you some of the hottest places around to find Black Art.

Let’s start with my home gallery, Gallery Onyx, which has changed out its entire gallery to bring you a new and very exciting exhibition for the August Deconstructed Art Fair. Their mission is to highlight artworks of people of African-American descent In the Pacific Northwest. Gallery Onyx has done a superb job with its presentation of Black Art and continues to have the largest collection of African American art and artist in Seattle. Gallery Onyx has continued to be on an upward trend as more and more art lovers are coming to Pacific Place Mall to visit. Black Art is very popular right now and more and more people are spreading the word about these phenomenal black artists.

Threw out the last year Pacific Place Mall has seen a steady uptick in black businesses moving in and one of the newest sensations to join Pacific Place Mall is: WoW gallery (Wonder of Women Gallery). The Wow Gallery is a black self-empowerment art experience from the innovative brain of Veronica Very and the visual brilliance of Hiawatha Davis. The sheer ambiance, powerful artworks, and mental reinforcement that the WoW Gallery offers will leave you physically and mentally ready for whatever curveball the day throws.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take you uptown to the CD (The Central District). The CD has been a place of a lot of tension and redevelopment. As you’re moving about, I would suggest a visit to C-Art Gallery where you will find owner/gallerist, Eric Salisbury. Eric himself is one of our legendary artists that has been working with the community, collectors, and youth for well over ten years. The gallery houses some of the most sought-after African-American artworks you will find in the Seattle area. However, with all that walking around, you’re going to need a place to sit and relax. No worries, I got you covered! The Wa Na Wari house offers a cozy B&B for you to relax with plenty of beautiful black art to experience. The Wa Na Wari house is an incubator for black businesses, working to combat gentrification and provide solutions for displacement and a showroom for BIPOC artists.

Seattle Post-Pandemic

If: you are a collector and were hoping to connect directly with some of these talented African-American artists in the Pacific Northwest. I will upload my artist's recommendations soon. If you need an artist or artwork sooner than that, please email me, and let's talk about how I can help.

Black Art Galleries and BIPOC Organizations

Artist Trust

Gallery Business List Complement of Artist Trust 

Artist Trust’s mission is to support and encourage artists working in all disciplines to enrich community life throughout Washington State.


African American Community Cultural & Educational Society- Addressing the needs of the African-American community without discriminating against any non-African-American.


The African-American Writers’ Alliance, a diverse and dynamic collective of Seattle-area writers of African descent, provides an informal and supportive forum for new and published writers.


Presented by professional artists, attendees have a unique opportunity to explore and learn about Afro-Latino culture and history from some of its top performers.


Arts Corps revolutionizes arts education by igniting the creative power of young people through culturally engaging learning experiences.


The Black Heritage Society of Washington State, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the acquisition, preservation, and exhibition of materials relating to the history and culture of African-Americans in the State of Washington.


Tacoma’s Buffalo Soldiers Museum has served as a community resource encompassing a significant – and all too often overlooked – the facet of American history. It is part of our overall historical education efforts.


C Art Gallery's mission is to present and promote art and artists of different cultural backgrounds to encourage diversity and promote understanding and positive dialogue.


Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas is the only local, nonprofit organization solely dedicated to presenting emerging Black arts, artists, and ideas in the Seattle area.


Seattle CHOP art aims to empower those who are marginalized, repressed, and lack the resources they need for self-expression. Our mission is to provide art and the means to make it to those who are most affected by institutionalized inequality. We aim to support social justice through art, self-expression, and education.


Creative Justice builds community with youth most impacted by the school-to-prison-(to-deportation) pipeline. Participants and mentor artists work together to examine the root causes of incarceration, like systemic racism and other forms of oppression, creating art that articulates the power and potential of our communities.


The Crunk Feminist Collective (CFC) will create a space of support and camaraderie for hip hop generation feminists of color, queer and straight, in the academy and without, by building a rhetorical community, in which we can discuss our ideas, express our crunk feminist selves, fellowship with one another, debate and challenge one another, and support each other, as we struggle together to articulate our feminist goals, ideas, visions, and dreams in ways that are both personally and professionally beneficial.


Gansango Music & Dance presents traditional and contemporary dance and music from West Africa – drawing on the stunning talent of multicultural dancers and musicians.


The Jackson Street Music Program’s Youth Developmental Objectives have a strong focus on the communication and creative thinking skills we believe youth participants will need in the future for the Global Economy. Our program provides youth participants with an opportunity to experience great music but, we also address the needs and concerns of community investors regarding the productive capability of our youth in the future.


Key to Change inspires underserved youth through world-class music instruction and supports their development as self-aware leaders.


Kouyate Arts is an African performance company in Seattle, Washington.


Kutt‘N’Up is a dance family that consists of youth all over the greater Seattle area. Our mission is to succeed in all aspects of life including but not limited to grades, responsibility, and accountability.


LANGSTON is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization, established in 2016 to lead programming within the historic Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute. LANGSTON guides generative programs and community partnerships that center Black art, artists and audiences, and honor the ongoing legacy of Seattle’s Black Central Area.


Living Arts Cultural Heritage (LACH) improves lives, creates connections, and increases unity through education, community events, and creative projects rooted in the history of African Americans and other cultural identities in Kitsap County and the Pacific Northwest.


Tariqa Waters opened Martyr Sauce, a gallery in Pioneer Square, in 2012, showcasing underrepresented artists.


Movimiento Afrolatino Seattle is an umbrella organization created by Afrolatino communities and artists that appreciate Afrolatino arts and culture coming together to ensure the sustainability of ongoing cultural and educational art activities focused on Afrolatinos and open to anyone who is interested in learning and preserving this rich cultural heritage.


NONWHITEWORKS shares effective community engagement strategies with individuals, non-profits, and corporate entities.


NAAM’s mission is to spread knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of the histories, arts, and cultures of people of African descent for the enrichment of all.


Northwest Tap Connection is a distinctive urban dance studio specializing in Rhythm Tap. The studio’s philosophy is that dance enriches the lives of the students, while developing self-discipline, instilling self-confidence, and encouraging achievement and goal setting.


Nu Black Arts West Theatre performs several exciting, entertaining, and educational shows a year, as well as several energetic, entertaining and informative seminars and lectures


We are bold & Resilient black women who create content for our people. We strive to inspire those around us by being unapologetic & authentic with all that we do. Our team provides a safe place for black creatives to be free & vocal about the experiences that we face.


Gallery Onyx is organized by the voluntary efforts of a group of artists and supporters committed to celebrate and promote the visual artwork of artists of African descent.


Photorganic Studio is a production house and media arts incubator. We create original content, stories, and interactive experiences about and made by POC.


PRICEarts, a place to cultivate community and education in various fine and performing arts disciplines. We are a community with a conscious devoted to responding to the needs of those in the cities we dwell in.


Our mission is to support BIPOC and LBGTQ+ creators, with a focus on neo-burlesque, cabaret and film. We aim to educate the general public about these art forms while providing space and financial compensation for marginalized performing artists. 


Seattle Music Partners cultivates a diverse and vibrant music-making community by providing youth with free music instruction and one-on-one mentoring to eliminate racial and economic barriers to quality music education.


South Seattle Emerald

Founded as a platform that authentically depicts the dynamic voices, culture, arts, ideas, and businesses that fall within South Seattle’s borders, the Emerald is news as it was originally intended to be: not as business, nor as a forum for propaganda, but as a service to the community, it chronicles.


Spectrum Dance Theater brings dance of the highest merit to a diverse audience composed of people from different social, cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.


Located in Spokane WA, Terrain is a pioneering non-profit building community, and economic opportunity for the artists, makers and culture creators of the Inland Northwest.



To be the catalyst of transcendence for people who are unprotected, disenfranchised, and marginalized by the statistically racist constructs, utilizing their voices while educating the public of their self-worth through art.



The Black Embodiments Studio is hybrid arts writing incubator and a public lecture series dedicated to expansive and dynamic investigations of blackness in contemporary art.



The Black Lens is an independent community publication, based in Spokane, Washington, that is focused on the news, events, people, issues, and information of importance to the African American community.


The Hansberry Project is rooted in the convictions that black artists should be at the center of the artistic process, that the community deserves excellence in its art, and that theatre’s fundamental function is to put people in relationship with one another.


Realizing that there weren’t many opportunities in the Arts for African-American women, they decided to develop a project that would create more opportunities for them. The women of The Mahogany Project committed to collaborating in hopes of creating opportunities for local Seattle theatre artists.


Tacoma Urban Performing Arts Center’s mission is to provide our most deserving youth world-class opportunities to achieve Artistic Excellence in the Performing Arts.


Tukwila Kids Make Music offers free student-centered music instruction, peer mentorship, and professional feedback to children residing in Tukwila, WA.


Umoja Fest honors our rich heritage while recognizing our ability to make history. The festival and parade celebrate our collective ability to make ourselves, our families, community, city, state, nation, and world a better place for our future generations.


Unified Outreach’s mission is to assist under-served, at-risk, disabled, and arts-starved youth with personal growth and character-building using the Arts to break down racial, economic, and social barriers, to inspire creativity, to build confidence, and to promote positive self-esteem.


Wa Na Wari creates space for Black ownership, possibility, and belonging through art, historic preservation, and connection. We are a center for Black art and culture in Seattle’s historically redlined Central District neighborhood.


Wonder of Women (WOW) creates sacred spaces for storytelling, healing through art, performances, and retreats for Black women and girls. They publish inspiring Black art tools and products to support Black women and girls find their voice through storytelling and sisterhood as well.

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